Sealed and delivered

Sealed and delivered

PAYEN, a brand of Federal-Mogul Motorparts, has launched two new high-performing gasket sealing technologies, Coriuseal and Coriusim.

Coriuseal features a high performance elastomer which improves temperature and abrasion resistance, delivering a superior sealing solution and increasing seal productivity and life. The new technology also offers consumers a high performing, durable gasket that is easy for technicians to remove and assemble.

PAYEN’s new Coriusim technology helps minimise bore distortion in order to reduce oil consumption and optimise piston ring performance. Its design specification, which does not include any organic solvents, positions Coriusim to supersede Astadur technology for OE/OES parts.

To support the launch of PAYEN’s new technologies, a comprehensive brochure details technical support tips, F-M Campus online technical support and an overview of the Coriuseal and Coriusim technologies. PAYEN has also developed a gasket tool box containing the gasket products and infotainment items.


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