Special formula noise reduction pads from Juratek

Special formula noise reduction pads from Juratek

Brake components supplier Juratek is subjecting its brake pads to stringent noise reduction test in order ensure the highest levels of quality and passenger comfort. The tests are in addition to the already strict quality and testing procedures employed by the company.

Every batch of Juratek pads released for sale passes through an in-house testing facility, with testing for both dimensional integrity and material quality. This ensures conformity to the required specifications and all parts carry batch control numbers for full traceability.

Juratek employs a team of professional engineers who have worked closely with the European Union in setting the standard generally known as ECE R90. All Juratek products are approved to this standard. However, this regulation does not cover all aspects of a products performance, such as wear and noise.

With this in mind, Juratek regularly tests its product to a much higher standard. This standard is commonly known as AK Master and was developed by the OE industry to standardise type approval requirements.

One area of test that is particularly important to the driver of the vehicle is the noise generated by the application of the brakes. With this in mind, the pads available from Juratek have a special formula to reduce noise and are fitted with OE style shims. These shims are a specially developed rubber-steel-rubber sandwich and help to prevent unwanted brake noise. The effectiveness of the shims is assured by SAE J2521 which is part of the AK Master test. This test is carried out on a test rig which comprises of a full vehicle corner (brake calliper, disc, suspension etc.) which is contained in an anechoic (noise proof) chamber to prevent any external noise pollution. Juratek says that these tests show that Juratek brake pads are up to 24% quieter that the leading premium aftermarket supplier and over 40% quieter than budget brands.


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