Exclusive MEYLE-HD control arm kits for Mini and BMW

Exclusive MEYLE-HD control arm kits for Mini and BMW

As suspension parts wear out, near-by parts are likely to be affected as well. Wulf Gaertner Autoparts has made further additions to its range of MEYLE-HD control arm kits to fit BMW and Mini applications.

The special feature: To date, Meyle is the only brand to supply control arm kits including all the parts and accessories required for professional repair. The one-stop service kit enables repairers to replace all worn components at once, saving workshops extra trouble and customers costly subsequent repairs. Owing to the part's extremely durable design the company gives a convenient four-year guarantee for all MEYLE-HD control arm kits.

Suspension defects hardly ever affect only individual components. More often than not, parts in the suspension environment will be damaged, too, typically manifesting itself in the form of noise and reduced driving safety. If a control arm is due for replacement, MEYLE engineers recommend that it be changed in sets or pairs. It is also advisable to replace adjacent components along with the control arm to remedy all problems at once and rule out time-consuming and costly subsequent repairs.

Meyle is the only aftermarket brand to offer all required parts in a one-stop service kit. The latest additions include eleven control arm kits catering for the following Mini and BMW series models including the BMW 1 (E81, E82, E87, E88), BMW 3 (E46, E36, E90, E91, E92, E93), BMW 5 (E39, E60, E61, F10, F11), BMW 6 (F12, F13) and BMW 7 (E65, E66) Series in addition to several BMW SUV models including the  X1 (E84), X3 (E83), X5 (E53, E70), X6 (E71, E72), Z3 (E36) and Z4 (E85, E86). This saves repairers the extra trouble of ordering each item separately. The result: A win-win situation with workshops benefiting from improved repair efficiency and car owners from swift and long-lasting repairs without unnecessary waits.

The new MEYLE-HD full-service kits include control arms, ball joints, stabiliser links and control arm mounts along with all requisite nuts and bolts.

To increase the service life of MEYLE-HD control arms the company's engineers have redesigned different components to make the assembly technically superior to their OE equivalents. Refinements include reinforced ball joints, a high-performance grease and the use of durable full-rubber bushings instead of leak-prone hydro bushings. Thanks to these improvements MEYLE-HD control arms come with an extended four-year guarantee.

The new control arm kits are available as of now under the following Meyle part numbers:

  • 316 050 0000/HD: BMW 3 (E46), BMW Z4 (E85, E86)
  • 316 050 0023/HD: BMW 3 (E36), BMW Z3 (E36)
  • 316 050 0070/HD: Mini l (06/01-11/07)
  • 316 050 0101/HD: BMW 1 (E81, E82, E87, E88) (11/03--), BMW 3 (E90, E91, E92, E93) (01/05--), BMW X1 (E84) (03/09--)
  • 316 050 0103/HD: BMW 5 (E39) (11/95-05/04)
  • 316 050 0104/HD: BMW 5 (E60, E61) (07/03--)
  • 316 050 0105/HD: BMW 7 (E65, E66) (11/01--)
  • 316 050 0106/HD: BMW X5 (E53) (05/00--)
  • 316 050 0107/HD: BMW X3 (E83) (01/04--)
  • 316 050 0108/HD: BMW X5 (E70) (02/07--), BMW X6 (E71, E72) (05/08--)
  • 316 050 0080/HD: BMW 5 (F10,F11), BMW 6 (F12, F13)

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