Good news for owners of small service stations and those who like to work on their cars by themselves. XADO company released a new product — XADO BRAKE CALIPER grease packaged into economical expendable 10 ml sachets. Such amount of the product would be enough for replacing the old grease on brake calipers of one car.

XADO BRAKE CALIPER grease is resistant against high loads and temperatures, prevents sticking and seizing of guide fingers of the sliding carriage. It provides reliable and accurate operation of the whole sliding carriage mechanism, absolute abutment of brake pads and quick unbraking of a brake disc at the end of braking. REVITALIZANT® contained in the grease preserves friction surfaces in wearless condition.

Application of XADO BRAKE CALIPER grease is recommended during planned replacement of brake pads or technical maintenance of the braking system.


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