Extremely Flexible High-Temperature Hose

Extremely Flexible High-Temperature Hose

ContiTech has developed an extremely flexible high-temperature hose with external reinforcement for truck and off-highway applications.

Its flexibility allows it to be used even in especially tight and complex installation situations – and that includes the very high temperatures encountered there. Depending on the particular finish, the hose can withstand temperatures of up to 250°C. This makes it ideal for use in extremely hot environments. It supplies the turbocharger with cooling water and lubricating oil, and is also used in its control system. The hose is also suitable for transporting air in, for instance, exhaust systems such as a diesel particulate filter or as a fuel return line.

ContiTech’s new development gets its flexibility from a special braid made of a plastic textile which is resistant to high temperatures and chemicals. This encloses the inner lining made of a rubber specially adapted for the application which is highly stretchable. The tight bending radii which are possible as a result are an ideal response to the trend towards downsizing in engines and the associated ever tighter installation spaces.

Rigorous lightweight construction mitigates environmental impact

As a result of its rigorously lightweight design, this cost-optimized solution also offers a significant weight advantage over the PTFE pipes enclosed in a stainless-steel braid used hitherto for these tasks. “The new hose therefore contributes to reducing fuel consumption and thus also CO2 emissions,” declares Klaus Brühne, who was responsible for the development of the hose.

The hose withstands operating pressures of up to 15 bar and can also be manufactured as a molded hose or for sale by the meter. In addition, a kink-resistant version is possible. “Another advantage for the customer is that it is part of a modular package from which the user can select the right product for the particular application,” says Brühne. “This yields further cost benefits for him.”

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