Ruville adds thermal-management modules

Ruville adds thermal-management modules

Under its Ruville brand, Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket is as of now offering thermal-management modules, vacuum-controlled and electrically-controlled water pumps with all necessary mounting parts.

With this innovative system solution – for a wide range of Audi, BMW, Toyota and VW models – the Aftermarket specialists are making an important contribution when it comes to reducing CO2 emissions and fuel consumption, increasing engine life and improving climate comfort. In addition, Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket supports its distribution and garage partners with specially tailored technical training seminars, meeting the increasing demands for a professional repair, held by technical experts.

The pumping capacity of conventional water pumps used in vehicles today often depends solely on engine speeds. A high engine speeds results in a higher coolant flow-rate, a low engine speeds means flow-rates are less. But the intelligent Ruville water-pump modules make it possible to precisely regulate coolant temperature within the entire cooling circuit or even to completely shut off temperature regulation if required. A diverse number of coolant circuits can be variably controlled according to specific engine requirements – which contribute significantly to lowering friction loss, fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

The Schaeffler-developed thermal-management module uses sensor-controlled rotary vanes to precisely regulate the temperature balance throughout the drive train. In this way, up to three additional actuated coolant circuits – like the gearbox, engine oil and turbocharger – achieve optimal operating temperature quickly. The modules provide needs-based regulation of engine temperature 100 percent of the time, which has a positive effect on energy efficiency and on the life of all drive-train components. This innovative system solution includes the water pump and all mounting parts needed for replacement, and is available as a complete repair solution for 1.5 million vehicles of the Volkswagen Group worldwide.

Additional new products from the Ruville brand are electric water pumps for selected BMW models, as well as other vehicles. These fully-variable water pumps are not belt-driven, but operate using the vehicle’s onboard 12-volt network. They operate independently of engine speeds, are energy efficient and deliver the variability needed at all times. An additional, electrically-controlled water pump for Toyota models will be available shortly as well.

Vacuum-controlled water pumps for Audi and VW models complete the portfolio of intelligent water-pump modules from Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket. These are belt-driven and controlled by negative pressure. All components in the system guarantee at all times the exact pumping capacities as specified for each engine.

And all components are made of extremely robust, wear-resistant materials that work against coolant loss. They also ensure that the pump remains tightly sealed when operating under high pressure and high temperatures. “Perfection is always at the top of the list when we develop and assemble each of our components,” says Maik Evers, Director Program Management Ruville at Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket. “Whether it’s a housing, roller bearings, a mechanical seal or vanes – every component is monitored closely and exactly.”


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