MANN-FILTER FreciousPlus is the Product of the Year 2016 in France

MANN-FILTER FreciousPlus is the Product of the Year 2016 in France

The FreciousPlus cabin filter from MANN-FILTER has been chosen as the Product of the Year 2016 in the passenger car cabin filter category by French consumers. The filter came onto the market in 2015. It binds allergens, prevents the growth of bacteria, molds and fungi by over 98% and eliminates almost 100% of particulate matter.

Selection of the product of the year is an annual event. The market research institute Nielsen conducted an online study among more than 10,000 representative consumers in France. As part of this study, the participants were asked to choose their preferred product by rating the attractiveness of the product and their satisfaction with it in a comprehensive questionnaire. The participants also rated how innovative the product is.

The MANN-FILTER FreciousPlus came first both in these three criteria and in terms of consumer acceptance. In particular, the cabin filter was rated very highly in all 12 customer satisfaction aspects. It received the highest marks for product effectiveness, meeting the expectations of users and its use in practice. The result of all the satisfied testers can be summarized as follows: the FreciousPlus cabin filter is effective against allergens and particulate matter, is easy to use and meets the testers' expectations.

As a result of this and thanks to more than 10,000 study participants, the FreciousPlus cabin filter from MANN-FILTER was chosen as the Product of the Year 2016.

"We are extremely proud that our FreciousPlus cabin filter has been chosen as the product of the year. As a manufacturer we know that the product we developed offers real and important advantages for the consumers. It is unique on the market to date. But it goes without saying that feedback from consumers is extremely valuable to us. We are pleased that the users were won over by the effectiveness of our FreciousPlus cabin filter, which has both an anti-allergen and anti-microbial effect", explains Marie-Jo Faivre, Marketing Manager for the French Automotive Aftermarket at MANN+HUMMEL, enthusiastically.

Drivers and passengers are increasingly experiencing allergic reactions caused by pollen, bacteria and particulate matter. The FreciousPlus cabin filter from MANN-FILTER cleans the air drawn into the vehicle before it enters the vehicle interior.

The filter has a biofunctional coating that binds allergens and also prevents the growth of molds, fungi and bacteria in the passenger compartment. The FreciousPlus cabin filter also has a polyphenol coating that binds free-floating allergens and prevents them almost completely. The high-performance filter medium eliminates almost all particulate matter hazardous to health (PM 2.5). Last but not least, the cabin filter contains a further layer that retains unpleasant odors and harmful gases such as ozone, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide.

The FreciousPlus cabin filter is available from wholesalers and workshops that sell the MANN-FILTER brand. Car drivers can learn about the cabin filter and its functions and also search for the right filter for their vehicle on the website as well as on the MANN-FILTER YouTube channel.


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