Dayco offers profit opportunities

Dayco offers profit opportunities

As they pursue the engine emission and fuel consumption reductions that have been imposed by worldwide legislation, there is a trend among the vehicle manufacturers to integrate more of their engine systems. As a result, there are an increasing number of vehicles with engines that now incorporate the water pump into the primary drive system, rather than as part of the auxiliary drive system.

To allow its customers to benefit from this development, Dayco offers a range of more than 200 water pump kits that provide workshops with the opportunity to increase their profits by combining timing belt kit and water pump replacement.

“There is complete logic behind changing both components (water pump and timing belt) at the same time,” says Dayco UK national sales manager, Steve Carolan, “as it provides garages with a profit opportunity and their customers with the confidence that their vehicle has benefitted from a full and thorough repair.

“Sometimes, for the best of intentions, workshops will try to save their customers money and carry out a partial repair by replacing only the component that has failed or is specified for change in the service schedule. However, this policy runs the risk of their customers having to face a much larger bill for a full repair at a later date if the component not replaced goes on to fail.

“Therefore, for the peace-of-mind of motorists, as well as the most profitable result for garages, Dayco recommend they opt for a full timing drive system replacement, rather than change the water pump or timing belt in isolation.”

Designated by the KTBWP classification, each Dayco water pump kit consists of an original equipment (OE) water pump alongside the usual belt, tensioner and idler combination, with 75 of these references containing the patented Dayco High Tenacity (HT) or ‘white’ belt. This premium quality range provides workshops with all the components necessary to undertake a full water pump and timing drive system replacement.

Three-Year Warranty

When fitting an HT water pump/timing belt kit, Dayco can provide workshops and motorists with an even greater level of reassurance by extending its existing two-year warranty by a further year.

The Long Life + 1 year warranty is a perfect example of how Dayco technology can provide workshops with a ‘real world’ competitive advantage over those fitting other brands. It also gives the motorist a level of protection that cannot often be matched, even by the franchised dealer.

The combination of guaranteed OE quality products, relevant technical expertise and product support such as the Long Life +1 year warranty, makes Dayco the first choice for discerning professionals.

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