febi bilstein ensure windscreens stay clean

febi bilstein ensure windscreens stay clean

Washer pump failure can be a common problem after the winter months as wet and cold conditions means they have to work harder to keep screens clear. When it comes to replacement of these important components, febi bilstein offers a range which combines excellent coverage with high quality.

febi bilstein has nearly 50 washer pumps which provide coverage for over 35,000 applications for a variety of different vehicle makes and models including Citroen, Peugeot, BMW and Mercedes.

Damaged or faulty washer pumps result in NCT failures, as reduced vision can increase the chance of accidents. febi’s OE matching quality  washer pumps ensure windscreens are clean and clear all year round, with long lasting product life and easy installation.

The products are available from febi bilstein stockist nationwide.


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