Top performance and outstanding value from Mannol Workshop Sprays

Top performance and outstanding value from Mannol Workshop Sprays

The Mannol range of oils and lubricants has made a big impact on the Irish aftermarket since its introduction last year.

The product quality, vehicle manufacturer specifications and attractive packaging have all proved to be a big hit with customers, who also appreciate the very competitive pricing and excellent value on offer. Now more and more of these customers are also discovering the benefits in terms of convenience, times saving and value for money available with the Mannol Workshop Sprays and Additives range.

Mannol products are distributed in Ireland by Carcessories and Sales Director Greg Lonergan says that both factors and garages have been hugely impressed by Mannol sprays and additives. He comments, "The range features specific products for a huge variety of workshop applications including, Silicon Spray, Belt Tensioner, Starter Spray, Carburettor Cleaner, Contact and general purpose cleaners. There are also innovate products such as Power Steering Leak Stop, Fuel Injector Cleaner and DPF Cleaner that can provide quick and low cost alternatives to mechanical repairs.”

Greg says that the star performer in the range is Mannol M-40 Lubricant, which is proving extremely popular with everyone who tries it. He comments, "This is a high quality universal spray that lubricates, cleans and prevents corrosion on all surfaces and moving parts. It displaces moisture, removes rust and soiling, prevents short circuits and leakage currents, protects surfaces against corrosion and ensures smooth running of hinges. It is also safe and neutral towards rubber, plastic, varnish and metal surfaces.” He adds, "We are confident that anyone who use Mannol M-40 will find it is every bit as good as well known competitor products and is available at a price that offers outstanding value.”


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