Dayco Releases High-Efficiency Aftermarket Water Pumps

Dayco Releases High-Efficiency Aftermarket Water Pumps

Engine products and drive systems supplier Dayco, has announced the launch of its first stand-alone mechanical water pump programme.

Dayco says the initial range will provide coverage for 90 per cent of the vehicle parc. As the water pump is now integral to many primary drive systems, the on-going requirement to achieve a low friction return from the primary drive system also influences the design of the water pump, which is why the highly-efficient pumps within the programme fit so comfortably within Dayco’s existing aftermarket product portfolio.

Dayco has a global reputation as a top quality OE manufacturer and supplier and the new Dayco water pumps are naturally manufactured to the same high standards.

Massimo Falco, Product Management and Engineering Manager for Dayco in Europe said, “With this introduction, we provide our customers with a high-calibre component that carries the same hallmark for quality as the existing Dayco product range, but which also allows them to cater for a different although complementary product group.”

Each Dayco water pump features the latest technology, including low friction seals, which are arguably the water pump’s most critical component because the seal must not only prevent coolant leakage, but also provide a long service life. As a result, the highest quality materials have been used in the seal manufacturing process.

Additional design features include coolant-resistant, long service life grease for the bearings and pump specific impellers that are optimized for each individual application and designed to ensure efficient coolant flow throughout the engine and prevent cavitation within the coolant. The main water pump bodies are also designed to support external loads from the associated components in the drive belt system, as well as engine vibrations and thermal movement, while remaining perfectly watertight in all conditions.

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