Cromax launches new putty kit for plastic repairs

Cromax launches new putty kit for plastic repairs

Cromax has introduced a special putty kit for paint repairs on plastic substrates, Kit PP0480. The kit is comprised of two products, a unique and specially-developed black putty, Plastic Putty PP0481 that is a good match for most plastic substrates, and a dedicated white activator paste called BPO Hardener.

The new Plastic Putty s designed to be applied directly onto plastic parts. After being mixed with the BPO Hardener it offers exceptional flexibility after drying, simulating the movement of plastic substrates and providing outstanding adhesion.

Kevin Welling, Training Academy Manager for Axalta Coating Systems says, “Special Putty Kit for Plastic PP0480 is a niche offering, but an important one. It’s a complementary kit to the Cromax plastic refinishing range and solidifies the brand’s putty portfolio. A lot of our refinishers may use regular putties for paint repair on plastic, however, when Plastic Putty PP0481 is activated with the BPO Hardener, it is more flexible after drying, and offers good sanding properties too. It’s essential we provide our refinishers with the right products in the context of a complete offering so that they can carry out the most productive repairs possible.”


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