Brake cleaner from Holts

Brake cleaner from Holts

General build-up of elements such as dirt, grease, and grime, can work together to significantly affect braking performance. To ensure the longevity of brakes it is crucial to keep up maintenance and this starts with making sure they are thoroughly cleaned.

Holts Brake cleaner combats any build up with a combination of cleaning action and a quick dry formula. The high pressure aerosol - 70psi (5 bars) - acts as a powerful degreaser to quickly remove all types of brake dust, oil, grease, silicone and dirty deposits. It is also extremely effective in eliminating pad or lining residue and restoring optimum braking system performance.

The brake cleaner dries extremely quickly minimising the time spent on carrying out brake disc and pad changes. One 600ml spray can will treat up to two cars or eight brake assemblies and offers a 360° ball valve to allow the product to be used upside down in order to clean those hard to reach areas. With access in modern vehicles becoming more difficult, being able to use a can at any angle is something Holts finds as imperative among its customers.


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