Clean up with Blue Print Washer Pumps

Clean up with Blue Print Washer Pumps

Windscreen washer pumps work extra hard in winter and increasing numbers are failing due to the tough conditions. To cope with replacement demand Blue Print offers a range of over 50 washer pumps for a variety of different vehicle makes and models. This range now covers over 2,000 applications for vehicles from Toyota, Land Rover, Hyundai, Kia and many more.

Grit on roads and the use of de-icer can create difficult to remove dirt and smears on windscreens. On many journeys at this time of year the windscreen washer is in almost constant use so pumps are prone to fail.

With Blue Print finding a suitable replacement does not have to be difficult or expensive as an OE quality, competitively priced range offering wide application coverage is available from stockists. These pumps also offer a long service life and easy installation.


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