Driveline components added to First Line range

Driveline components added to First Line range

The First Line Group has introduced propshaft drive couplings and centre support bearings to its product range. The new units feature in the new Driveline product category under its First Line brand. FLG said the comprehensive range would provide technicians with “a cost effective repair solution for both rear and four-wheel drive and includes references for light commercial vehicles.”

Vibration absorption through the propshaft is the prime function of a drive coupling, although in addition to reducing noise and vehicle harshness, they also protect other components in the vehicle’s driveline.

Propshaft centre bearings support the propshaft along its length, ensuring it is correctly aligned and running true. A worn bearing will allow the propshaft to vibrate, which as well as being uncomfortable for the occupants, can cause damage to other drive related components and potentially bring about the premature failure of the propshaft.

First Line Driveline components are manufactured using original equipment bearings and premium quality rubber sourced from the group’s ISO accredited manufacturing partners.

The initial range includes 29 drive couplings and 20 centre bearings, which cater for all popular car and LCV applications and carry a comprehensive 2-year/24,000-mile warranty.


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