New Standoflex stopper for plastic refinishing

New Standoflex stopper for plastic refinishing

Standox is extending its range of refinish products for repairing plastic surfaces with the launch of its Standoflex Plastic Stopper U1030, This has been specially developed for application on rigid and semi-rigid plastic components.

Standox says, thanks to its excellent adhesive properties, Standoflex Plastic Stopper U1030 makes build-up quick and easy both on coated and uncoated plastic components. The 2K stopper is activated with an accompanying hardener and can be applied directly to plastic substrates. It offers a very flexible application that is virtually pore-free. If used in combination with Standoflex Plastic Primer U3060, the stopper’s adhesive properties can be improved even further. Standoflex Plastic Stopper U1030 dries in just 15 minutes if force-dried, and 30 minutes at ambient air temperatures. Once dry, it is easy to sand and its flexibility significantly increases the durability of the repair.

Standoflex Plastic Stopper U1030 is black, like the majority of plastic components. The hardener, which is supplied inside the lid of the tin, is white and so provides refinishers with an additional visual control to check whether the two components have been mixed together completely.

Standox bodyshops can obtain further information about Standoflex Plastic Stopper U1030 from their local technical representative or from


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