Optimum plug performance from DENSO Iridium TT

Optimum plug performance from DENSO Iridium TT

DENSO has further developed its unique Super Ignition Plug (SIP) technology which features the world’s smallest diameter centre electrode (0.4mm) and combines it with a needle-like, 0.7mm platinum ground electrode. The company says this allows the Iridium TT plug to improve performance, efficiency and durability, with a lifetime of up to 120,000km, more than three times that of standard nickel plugs.

The introduction of the Iridium TT expands on DENSO’s existing Nickel TT product line, which was launched in 2008.  Now, DENSO’s range of aftermarket Nickel and Iridium TT spark plugs number 35 individual products which, collectively, account for more than 90% of the European car parc. For professional customers, this can mean excellent coverage from a low and economical stock holding.

Available for cars compliant with EU5/EU6, the new and improved plug offers advanced ignitability, resulting in optimum vehicle performance and efficiency. The twin-tip electrodes allow for omni-directional ignition which, in turn, promotes improved combustion and allows the plug to burn fuel more efficiently. This improved ability of the air and fuel mix to ignite allows the spark to expand more quickly, which optimises fuel economy and performance.

DENSO’s patented twin-tip technology was previously only available on luxury or prestige vehicles but the Iridium TT now makes it available to all. The Iridium TT features the highest concentration of iridium of any plug on the market. Iridium is super-hard, very dense and is the most corrosion-resistant metal, meaning it can withstand extremely high temperatures.

The introduction of the Iridium TT consolidates DENSO’s range of aftermarket plugs, making for a much simpler choice for distributors and customers alike when it comes to upgrading from standard iridium, nickel and platinum products.


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