New time saving TechScaN’R from NTN-SNR

New time saving TechScaN’R from NTN-SNR

NTN-SNR launched an important new information innovation at the Equi Auto show in Paris. Having first class product information easily to hand is now more essential than ever for technicians and NTN-SNR HAS now made complete information on its product range available via a new smartphone app.

TechScaN’R is an application for smartphones and tablets that enables technicians and motor factors to access essential technical information quickly and easily. Available on AppleStore and Google Play, the app allows users to access information simply by scanning the box part number. The scanning facility is built into the app so there is no need for additional QR code readers.  

Scanning the number links the user directly to all the required product and technical information, making the search very fast. The information available includes:

  • Product dimensions, weight, and number of components in kits.

  • Textual data such as presence of screws, type of roller, type of product, etc.

  • High-definition images, many in 3D.

  • Fitting instructions, including recommended torque settings and special tools.

  • PDF TechInfo sheets linked to the part number giving information on associated vehicle specific issues.

Many of the images included are in augmented reality 3D which allows user to see full 360° views of the part to ensure it correctly matches the one being replaced.

TechScaN’R currently covers nearly 5,000 part numbers, which is virtually the entire NTN-SNR range. It is available in 9 languages and also offers an offline mode with access to book-marked favourites when no wireless network is available.

The information base behind the app is updated by NTN-SNR on a daily basis so users will always be working with the very latest product information.

To download the app search NTN-SNR on Google Play or the Applestore


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