SKF to supply Geely Auto with wheel hub and suspension bearing units

SKF to supply Geely Auto with wheel hub and suspension bearing units

SKF will supply Geely Auto with wheel hub bearing units and MacPherson suspension bearing units for their future car lines.

Stephane Le Mounier, President, Automotive Market, says, “Working with Geely Auto on this new platform is evidence of our ability to translate global capabilities into efficient ways of working at a local level. We deliver value by contributing to an optimized application design and speed in execution. I am truly happy to see the team’s result coming alive in such a successful way.”

SKF’s wheel hub bearing units with low friction grease and anti-corrosion coating have been specifically developed to meet Geely Auto’s demands on performance, weight reduction, stiffness and low fuel consumption. The MacPherson suspension bearing units are designed to provide a smooth and silent handling of the car with a robust, high performance design. Overall, these solutions contribute to a more comfortable driving experience.

Deliveries to Geely Auto are expected to commence during the first half of 2017.


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