Continental VDO Blower Motors Fit Utility Vans

Continental VDO Blower Motors Fit Utility Vans

Continental Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket now offers a comprehensive line of VDO blower motors for direct replacement on modern utility vans.

The VDO HVAC system blower motors line offers model coverage for Chevrolet City Express, Dodge / Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, Ford Transit Connect, Nissan NV / NV Taxi and Ram ProMaster.  In addition to the HVAC system blower motors, VDO replacement parts are also available for cooling fan and power door lock actuator applications.

Rick Wagner, VDO electric motor product manager, notes, “Times have changed for the venerable utility work van. No longer just a box on wheels, today’s commercial vans are cargo movers, people movers, favorite mobile lunch stops and even offices on the go. Instead of just utilitarian features, modern vans now boast new aerodynamic body styles for increased fuel efficiency and interior appointments that run from the basics to full luxury. As a result, the use of sophisticated HVAC systems in these new vans has increased dramatically and is now creating a service demand and an excellent opportunity for parts sales and profitability. Our VDO program is designed to satisfy that demand with the same high quality parts Continental delivers at the OEM level.”

All VDO motors incorporate the exact electrical connectors required by the specific vehicle application. No flying leads or wire splicing is required. VDO mounting flanges and ventilation tubes are in the same position and configuration as the factory units.


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