ContiTech Charge-Air Line Meets Most Stringent Requirements

ContiTech Charge-Air Line Meets Most Stringent Requirements

Charge-air hoses and lines are expected to withstand ever higher pressures and temperatures. ContiTech Mobile Fluid Systems develops and manufactures solutions which meet the most stringent requirements even for products where installation presents difficulties.

A good example of this is the modular design of turbocharger hose assembly which ContiTech has developed for three- and four-cylinder diesel and gasoline engines of various vehicles of a major account. They adapt to the tight contours in the engine compartment and withstand temperatures of up to 220°C and pressures of up to 2.6 bar. Their modular design enables cost-optimized, yet flexible use in modern modular engines with vehicle-specific connections.

The hose assembly is made up of a flexible rubber hose and a plastic pipe. The use of a high-performance plastic allowed a significant weight saving of up to 15 percent over a steel pipe to be achieved. That helps to save fuel and reduces the vehicles’ CO2 emissions. Furthermore, the flexible lines combined with quick connectors ensure quick and easy fitting in the customer’s plant.

In the diesel version the ContiTech developers also optimized the noise-damping properties of the hose assembly. They did this by providing a resonator as an additional third module for the line for diesel engines. This eliminates the noise of the turbocharger, thereby ensuring quiet operation.

In addition to active noise optimization components such as the resonator, ContiTech has also developed passive components for reducing noise levels. The customer can therefore be offered the best possible assistance, depending on the particular application. ContiTech can determine the optimal solution for the individual circumstances using acoustic simulations.


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