Dorman products introduces new 2015 complex electronics guide

Dorman products introduces new 2015 complex electronics guide

Dorman has announced its new 2015 Complex Electronics Guide to help illustrate highlights of the electronic parts category.


Today’s vehicles rely on a host of microprocessors, miles of wiring and millions of lines of code in order to operate safely and efficiently. To help customers keep pace with today’s changing vehicle technology, Dorman’s product development teams concentrate on key aspects of electronics development, including software engineering, encryption, communication protocols and flashing solutions. The result is a growing offering of complex electronic parts, most available exclusively from Dorman and compiled within the guide.

Dorman’s new Complex Electronics Guide (available electronically) offers high-tech solutions for direct-replacement parts in several categories: safety, convenience, powertrain, body control and hybrid systems. Just a few featured items from this new guide ABS control modules, infotainment displays, HVAC control modules, integrated control modules, throttle body motors and the latest coverage in hybrid drive batteries.

A digital edition of the entire Dorman Complex Electronics Guide, along with an easy PDF download, is available by visiting


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