New MOT computer system experiences 'outages'

New MOT computer system experiences 'outages'

Garages unable to input results online as cloud-based entry is rolled out

The new DVSA MOT entry system has proved problematic despite a limited rollout to around 20% of testing stations.

With a national rollout still scheduled for September, a number of garages have already started using the cloud-based system for test entries. However, a series of issues have meant that these garages have been unable to conduct MOTs, or have needed to issue paper certificates and delay logging the results online. With over 70,000 MOTs a day carried out in the UK and the system not yet fully rolled out, some are now suggesting the nationwide launch be pushed back.

Aftermarket has expressed fears about the system being ready in recent months, following problems with DVLA sites crashing due to high demand on their first operating days. In October 2014, the vehicle tax website suffered problems when 30,000 more users tried to log in, while in May the Driving Licence checking system also suffered problems. Editor Phil Curry questioned the DVSA in July and was assured that the way they had built the MOT system meant they were confident similar issues would not occur, however it appears they have. One user on Twitter highlighted that they have been using the system for 13 days and have encountered problems each day. Other garages have said they have turned people away or only been able to complete a limited number of MOTs.

The new system is expected to allow MOT stations to complete tests more efficiently and input results quicker, providing more flexibility in how they are entered by giving technicians the ability to access from a broadband connection on a computer or tablet device. All 22,500 MOT centres across the UK will be moved to the new system by the beginning of September, when it is hoped that all the issues will be fixed and tests can be conducted smoothly.

During an ‘outage’ garages need to fill in a contingency testing MOT certificate and get a code, valid only for the day of the outage, which allows them to enter the details on the system once it is up and running again. For more details on the back-up system visit


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