DT Spare Parts expands the complete range

DT Spare Parts expands the complete range

With the new product range of the brand DT Spare Parts suitable for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and VW Crafter/LT II, the complete range of spare parts for commercial vehicles is being systematically expanded.

With the new spare parts catalogue, distribution partners of the brand DT Spare Parts and their customers have access to more than 1 200 transporter spare parts suitable for around 1 700 reference numbers of Mercedes-Benz and ca. 1 000 reference numbers of VW. They benefit from time-saving One-Stop-Shopping, the free spare parts search and the reliable supply of spare parts suitable for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and VW Crafter/LT II in guaranteed quality.

Besides general information, the catalogue introduction includes an extensive cross-reference table for speedy identification of suitable spare parts of the brand DT Spare Parts. Special repair kits (“Special DT Kits”) which, as a service, include all the parts needed for a repair under one parts-kit number, are marked with “S” in the catalogue. In addition, an online quick search for each article can be started by the use of QR codes.

The new spare parts catalogue suitable for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and VW Crafter/LT II is, as usual, available as a digital online catalogue at http://dcat.dt-spareparts.com and, via a combined parts number and full-text search function, quickly leads to the required products. Users of mobile terminals can access the digital catalogues when travelling via the website at http://m.dt-spareparts.com.

The excellent printed spare parts catalogues can be ordered using the order form on the website at http://cat.dt-spareparts.com and from local distribution partners, as usual. All products are also listed in TecDoc and other electronic spare-parts catalogues.

The vehicle models Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and VW Crafter are among the best-selling models in the growing global market for transporters. Their success has a common history. The first generation of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is structurally identical to the VW LT (2nd generation). Both celebrate their 20th anniversary this year. The second generation of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, which is structurally identical to the VW Crafter, has been in production since 2006. Differences exist in both cases in the drive motorization and the visual appearance.

Light commercial vehicles play a central role for the trade, service providers, courier, express and packet services, as well as in regional delivery traffic. Versatile bodywork structure enables a multiple of uses, from the box van, through the platform truck and minibus, to the motorhome. Among the key growth factors for transporters are the internet commerce and new demands on logistics. More and more fleets rely on light commercial vehicles for regional goods deliveries and to buffer the effect of peaks and breakdowns.

The most important area for sales is Europe, followed by the Greater China region and South America. Especially in North and South America, Europe, Greater China and Russia, the importance of lighter commercial vehicles will continue to increase in the coming decades.


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