SmartWay approval for second Vipal ‘ECO’ tread

SmartWay approval for second Vipal ‘ECO’ tread

Vipal Rubber says it invests in technology and in the development of products that save money while minimising their environmental impact, and the latest Vipal release to arise from this focus is the VT170 ECO.

The retreading materials producer reports that this freight haulage tread was recently verified by the SmartWay Transport programme in the USA. To date the Latin American market leader is the only retreading products manufacturer in South America to achieve this validation.

The VT170 ECO is a drive axle fitment recommended for radials used on paved roads. Vipal says the tread’s low rolling resistance qualities mean less heat is generated and therefore the danger of casing fatigue is lower. In addition, the tread is designed for high traction on wet surfaces and resistance to abrasion wear.

“As part of the ECO line, the VT170 follows the pattern of using special rubber compounds, groundbreaking technology developed by Vipal,” reports the company. “The ECO products, while simultaneously helping the carrier save, also preserve the environment. This is the second Vipal tread to be verified by the SmartWay programme. In 2014, the brand had its VL130 ECO tread approved, the first time that such a programme had regulated a tyre tread.”

The SmartWay Transport program, created in 2004 by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), aims for reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) in North American cargo transport.

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