MEYLE shock absorbers for safe and continuous driving pleasure

MEYLE shock absorbers for safe and continuous driving pleasure

Significantly extended service life thanks to additional polishing and thicker anti-corrosion coating


To help workshops offer premium-quality and safe spare parts Wulf Gaertner Autoparts AG supplies a comprehensive range of MEYLE shock absorbers engineered to resist early part wear. Special features include a thicker anti-corrosion coating specially designed to protect the part against abrasive conditions and excessive strain. Tests have shown that the MEYLE piston rod is by far the least vulnerable to corrosion among all competitor products tested. Post-process polishing of the piston rod surface helps reduce the number and depth of micro fissures, thereby improving overall sealing performance. MEYLE shock absorbers are easily distinguished by the high-quality MEYLE embossing on the shock absorber tube.

Additionally, Wulf Gaertner Autoparts AG offers rubber buffer and dust cap kits optimally geared to each shock absorber, complemented by a wide range of coil springs and strut mounts. 


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