New additions to the MEYLE range of made-in-Germany fuel filters

New additions to the MEYLE range of made-in-Germany fuel filters

Under its MEYLE brand Wulf Gaertner Autoparts AG is further expanding the range of "made in Germany" fuel filters with the latest additions catering for Audi, Seat, BMW and Mini models.

The filters are produced in Germany in compliance with the vehicle manufacturer's specifications. This means repair shops can rely on premium-grade spares for routine maintenance work. The newly added "made in Germany" fuel filters for Audi, Seat, BMW and Mini applications are as of now available under the following part numbers:

  • 100 323 0021 and 100 323 0018 (Audi & Seat)

  • 114 323 0002, 114 323 0003, 114 323 0004 and 114 323 0005 (Audi)

  • 314 323 0006, 314 323 0009, 314 323 0011 and 314 323 0012 (BMW & Mini)

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