Global Automotive Components and Suppliers Expo 2015

Global Automotive Components and Suppliers Expo 2015

Tier 1, 2 and 3 Automotive Component Manufacturers from around the world will be at the expo to display their very latest technologies and products, plus numerous more exhibitors will be on hand to discuss how they can participate in cost reduction within supply chains, and how they can offer new, alternative, cost-effective manufacturing and supply solutions.

The event co-hosts Engine Expo and Automotive Interiors Expo, meaning Global Automotive Components and Suppliers Expo is expected to feature over 200 exhibiting component suppliers. Furthermore, international representations, pavilions and specialist components manufacturers will be participating from as far afield as Korea, China, India, Greece, Turkey, United Kingdom and West Virginia, USA, so this is a truly global supplier-sourcing opportunity in one compact location.

What can you expect to find at Global Automotive Components and Suppliers Expo?                    

  • High-performance plastic compounds, composites and resins;

  • Manufacturing partners

  • Complete braking systems

  • Powertrain components

  • HVAC systems

  • Seat coverings

  • Steering systems

  • Hinges and runners

  • Electronics

  • Hydraulic solutions

  • Suspension technologies

  • Springs and seals

  • Cable assemblies and wiring harnesses

  • Batteries

  • Instruments

  • Rubber products

  • Electric and hybrid powertrain components

  • Sensors

  • Transmission components

  • Aluminium pressure die-casting and machining, cold-formed fasteners, precision-turned parts

  • National Pavilions from countries all over the world showcasing numerous new potential suppliers

  • Seating solutions

  • Interior materials

  • Valvetrain systems

  • Headlamps and lighting components

  • Dampers

  • Powder metal, punched metal parts, stainless steels, nickel and 

    cobalt alloys

  • Electromagnetic components

  • Bolts, nuts, rivets, precision screws and washers

  • Lead-free soldering solutions

  • Interior lighting solutions

  • Auxiliary systems motors and regulators

  • Control cables and transmission shafts

  • Relays and switches

  • Windshield washer systems

  • Joining, forming or cutting

  • Chassis systems

  • Fine chemicals and fluids

*Global Automotive Components and Suppliers Expo hosts Engine Expo and Automotive Interiors Expo


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