UFI FILTERS Original Equipment on the FIAT 500X and JEEP Renegade

UFI FILTERS Original Equipment on the FIAT 500X and JEEP Renegade

The evolution in engine technology and the emergence of new propellants requires continuous changes in the fuel filtration processes capable of ensuring the separation capacity of water residues and of increasingly higher impurities, without sacrificing the reduced consumption and emission requirements in increasingly smaller engine units.


The UFI FILTERS systems offer filtration performance superior to 95%, such as the diesel fuel filtration system developed for the FCA Group, which equips, in Original Equipment, the new FIAT 500X SUV crossover and the JEEP Renegade with 2.0 MultiJet 140 HP and 120 HP 1.6 Multijet engines. UFI offers a product that takes into account the needs of the market and respect for the environment, characterized by lighter and recyclable materials. UFI FILTERS is in Original Equipment for the same cars with the complete oil filter technology.

The innovation of the second generation of UFI FILTERS diesel filters is constituted by the architecture of the filtering system. The body of the filter is not the "seamed" type in stamped sheet metal, or plastic: it has been completely engineered in aluminium or mixed aluminium-steel, in order to reduce the overall weight and to ensure complete recyclability. UFI FILTERS, always at the forefront in predicting and anticipating market trends toward the downsizing of engines, offers a product of lower weight, which converts into less energy consumption, less fuel consumption and less pollutant emissions. An electric heater is integrated in the top to aid ignition in cold start conditions.

The filtration element of the UFI FILTERS module consists of a 100% recyclable synthetic fibre medium. A progressive porosity depth septum ensures excellent performance in the filtration of both solid and liquid polluting elements (with a high filtering efficiency up to 4 pM for corpuscular particles and with over 95% fuel-water separation efficiency). This type of filter media is characterized by a high resistance to higher pressures, and is therefore suitable for the modern common-rail.

The replacement of the filter element only is foreseen every 70,000 km. This results in an advantage for the environment, due to the smaller amount of waste material to be disposed of, and lesser maintenance costs for the end customer. The cartridge is presented in a dedicated packaging to protect the external surface that must remain free from contamination. The spare part is available in the UFI aftermarket catalogue with code 26.052.00 and SOFIMA S 6052 NE.

UFI FILTERS is Original Equipment on the 500X and JEEP Renegade also with the complete oil filter module. The spare part is available in the aftermarket range with codes UFI 25.083.00 and SOFIMA S 5083 PE.

Efficiency, safety, reliability, are the objectives pursued by the UFI FILTERS and FCA Research and Development team, to offer the consumer the best product. The UFI FILTERS filters thus guarantee the quality of the original product and the best filter performance, ensuring lower fuel consumption, lower emissions of the vehicle, and protection of the engine from premature wear. 


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