New Generation of Seat Belt Buckle Offers Weight and Packaging Advantages

New Generation of Seat Belt Buckle Offers Weight and Packaging Advantages

TRW Automotive Holdings Corp., announced that it is launching its next generation seat belt buckle – the RNS5s – which offers reduced weight and smaller dimensions when compared with previous systems. The buckle is approximately 15 percent lighter and 20 percent smaller in packaging volume.


The new RNS5s buckle technology is based on TRW's current proven buckle design. It offers a simpler, standardized component design that can be easily adapted to local market requirements and can be produced using fully automated or semi-automated manufacturing processes.

Aziz Canatar, global engineering director, TRW Seat Belt Systems, said: "Our new RNS5s technology weighs approximately 15 percent less than the previous generation, making it a more environmentally-friendly product that can help automobile manufacturers hit emissions and fuel economy targets. In addition, the smaller buckle offers significant packaging advantages and all current attachment concepts can be reused."

The new buckle technology is suitable for front and rear seat applications using buckles and/or anchor pretensioners. It started production in Europe at the beginning of 2015.


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