Autoparts appoints NRF as new radiator supplier

Autoparts appoints NRF as new radiator supplier

Motor factor Autoparts UK has appointed NRF as its new radiator supplier.


NRF is an OE-supplier with more than 87 years’ experience in providing the automotive industry with a full thermal solution.

Autoparts UK will hold a full range of NRF radiators in stock, which comprises 2100 part numbers and close to 90per cent vehicle parc coverage.

NRF is specialised in the design and production of high-grade radiators for many different applications including flat fin cores, serpentine cores, radiators or heating radiators.

Recently introduced is the NRF Easy Fit range. These comprehensive installation kits provide mechanics with accurate and efficient assembly by including the product and the required assembly parts in a single package. Radiator caps, hose clamps, O-rings, terminating plugs and adapters are just some of the assembly parts contained in NRF’s Easy Fit packages.

The Easy Fit range also brings about considerable time and cost savings for workshops ensuring proper fit of parts in the quickest time possible.

To launch the range of NRF radiators, Autoparts is giving away free coolant with every radiator purchased.

In addition, the motor factor will also stock the NRF range of condensers. This includes 720 part numbers and covers 86 per cent of vehicles within the European vehicle parc.


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