Valeo debuts smartwatch, automated driving, and dynamic lighting at 2015 CES

Valeo debuts smartwatch, automated driving, and dynamic lighting at 2015 CES

Valeo, an industry leader in developing innovations for the cars of tomorrow, will demonstrate its InBlue smartphone- and smartwatch-based virtual key during the 2015 International CES in Las Vegas.


InBlue – debuting in North America at CES – uses Bluetooth™ technology to access and start the vehicle. It also enables secure vehicle sharing, remote parking and access to such vehicle data as tire pressure, fuel level and last location where the vehicle was parked.

In addition to InBlue, Valeo will feature live demonstrations of its Cruise4U automated driving prototype and its smart lighting technologies of the future: BeamAtic® PremiumLED headlights, which allow the high beam to remain on without blinding oncoming drivers; and Laser lighting, which can light up the road at distances of more than a quarter mile with compact designs that do not interfere with headlamp styling.

"Valeo is committed to developing technologies that make cars smarter, safer and easier to drive by adapting to the driver and surrounding environment," said Jean-Francois Tarabbia, Senior Vice-President, Research & Development. "With heightened consumer demand for intuitive driving systems and connected vehicles, technologies such as InBlue, Cruise4U and BeamAtic® will help motorists maneuver in a variety of driving systems and make it easier to interact with other vehicles while delivering an enjoyable driving experience."


Valeo's InBlue virtual key extends the capabilities of its passive entry systems to integrate new uses and behaviors related to the Internet of Things. InBlue is easy to install and communicates with the vehicle through a virtual key stored in a smartphone or smartwatch via the secure InBlue platform. Security is on a level with that of mobile payment systems.

With InBlue, motorists can leave their keys at home yet still have complete access to their vehicle. It also allows them to connect to vehicle data remotely, including a check on the fuel level. Data is regularly backed up in the smartphone and is available no matter how far the driver is from the vehicle.

Motorists also can use InBlue to virtually transmit the vehicle key to another person, making it easy to share the vehicle with someone else.

InBlue could be equipped on vehicles as early as 2016.


At CES, Valeo also will unveil its Cruise4U automated driving prototype during a demonstration in real traffic. When engaged, drivers decide if they want to manually control the vehicle or let Cruise4U take control of the steering, accelerating and braking. Laser scanning technology detects moving or stationary obstacles to avoid collisions.

Valeo partnered with IAV, a leading automotive engineering integrator, to develop the Cruise4U prototype.

Lighting technologies

Making its North American debut at CES, the automatic BeamAtic® PremiumLED headlights will be demonstrated through a darkroom experience. BeamAtic® improves nighttime visibility allowing drivers to leave their high beam on without blinding oncoming motorists. The system's onboard camera detects and locates other vehicles, then adjusts the high beam to cast a shadowy area around the approaching vehicle while leaving the rest of the road lit.

BeamAtic® features the advantages of LED lighting, including reduced electricity consumption and longer working life.

Valeo's Laser lighting system improves nighttime visibility by adding a spot function to the traditional road beam. Considered the headlamp of the future, the Laser spot generates a visible spot directly in front of the car while a conventional beam lights the road and surrounding environment.

Designed for higher speed driving on relatively straight roads, the Laser spot adjusts its intensity to vehicle speed and the type of road. Above a certain speed, the brighter beam allows drivers to see farther ahead so they can identify pedestrians, animals, debris or other obstacles and have time to respond appropriately.


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