Eaton A-Ratio UltraShift Plus Designed for Steep Grades

Eaton A-Ratio UltraShift Plus Designed for Steep Grades

Eaton has expanded its line of UltraShift PLUS automated transmissions with the new A-Ratio model designed for a wide range of extreme applications. The new Multipurpose Extreme Performance transmissions have lower overall numerical ratios and higher torque ratings.


The transmission is designed to provide better shift performance to improve grade shifting in hilly and mountainous conditions. The 18-speed A-Ratio transmissions, when designed into the appropriate driveline, can allow for unlimited payloads, says Eaton.

The A-Ratio transmission uses an electronic clutch actuator for faster shifting and smoother engagement. At idle the clutch fully engages giving drivers better control in challenging situations, says Eaton. The transmissions shift selection software uses changes in grade, weight and throttle control to calculate more efficient and effective shift points.

The A-Ratio transmission features a fully automated two-pedal setup and features an On/Off highway performance design. It comes with safety features like auto neutral, and Intelligent Hill Start Aid to prevent roll-back and roll-forward while launching on grades using foundation wheel brakes.

There is an automatic, manual and low mode to give drivers more control as well as a creep mode. It can be paired to the highest torque engines available today, says Eaton, with capacities ranging from 1,450 lb.-ft. through 2250 lb.-ft. Eaton also says that the A-Ratio has an unlimited gross combination weight in 18-speed models.

Production begins on the new A-Ratio transmission in January 2015 and will have the same standard UltraShift PLUS warranties, dependent on application.


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