Know your oils?

Know your oils?

Vehicle manufacturers dictate the use of highly technical engine oil and coolants to meet EU legislation and provide fuel efficiency and performance. These are vehicle specific as VMs create a bespoke package to cater for each particular model and make their use a warranty-critical condition of servicing in the aftermarket.

Comma has two interactive online Product Training Academy modules which explain the various technologies involved. Each section concludes with a short multiple choice test and a Certificate of Excellence can be printed off if you achieve a 100% score.

“The independent sector fought long and hard to secure the opportunities afforded by the EU Block Exemption provisions, but it does mean that technicians have to view lubes and coolants in exactly the same light as OE-compliant hard parts and fit strictly by application,” says Comma spokesperson Mike Bewsey. “The Comma Training Academy modules have been developed to inform and promote essential product understanding. Combined with our comprehensive online VRN data, they give technicians the confidence consistently to make the right product applications for every vehicle make and model.” 


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