BorgWarner supplies oil pump chain for JATCO CVT7 transmission

BorgWarner supplies oil pump chain for JATCO CVT7 transmission

BorgWarner’s Silent Chain Provides Low-Noise, Low-Weight, Compact Solution for Minicars and Small Vehicles.


BorgWarner supplies its 6.35 mm inverted tooth silent chain for JATCO’s CVT7 continuously variable transmission. Designed for 0.66- to 1.8-liter minicars and small front-wheel drive vehicles, the CVT7 transmission propels a wide variety of automobiles, including Nissan, Suzuki and Mitsubishi. BorgWarner produces the oil pump chain for JATCO’s CVT7 transmissions at its facilities in Japan.

“BorgWarner’s proven chain technology delivers low noise and durable performance in a light-weight, compact package,” said Joe Fadool, President and General Manager, BorgWarner Morse TEC. “We will be able to provide localized production to support JATCO’s global expansion in Asia and North America, when necessary.”

BorgWarner’s silent chain technology drives the oil pump used to lubricate the system and generate hydraulic pressure to adjust the pulleys that enable torque transfer in a continuously variable transmission. BorgWarner’s proprietary technology employs two different chain link shapes to achieve best-in-class noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) performance.


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