Automechanika Frankfurt 2014 Exclusive Overview: an Interview with MAHLE Representative

Automechanika Frankfurt 2014 Exclusive Overview: an Interview with MAHLE Representative

Exclusive interview with Mr. Eckart Fritz, Head of Eastern Europe Aftermarket, MAHLE Aftermarket GmbH.


This year Automechanika2014 exhibition in Frankfurt gathered many companies focused on different Aftermarket areas. Many of the companies-exhibitors are also the spare parts suppliers for original equipment (OE). The Info-Parts journalists managed to talk with representative of MAHLE, which mainly engaged in supply to the conveyor. We put some questions to Mr. Eckart Fritz, Head of Eastern Europe Aftermarket, MAHLE Aftermarket GmbH:

Info-Parts: Tell us, please, about MAHLE Aftermarket in 2014 at the Automechanika Frankfurt exhibition?

MAHLE: Within this exhibition MAHLE Aftermarket presents products by virtue of which MAHLE is known worldwide. The innovative products shown at our stand – engine parts and turbochargers, are supplemented by filters and thermostats.

It should be specifically noted, that this year MAHLE Aftermarket for the first time presents complete solutions for car repair, which are presented by new MAHLE division – Service Solutions division. This division extends the full range of MAHLE Aftermarket products, including repair equipment for workshops.

At Automechanika Frankfurt-2014 exhibition we presents the products of the MAHLE Aftermarket brands: Behr – thermostats, Clevite – parts of cylinder-piston group for American machines, Metal Leve – engine parts and filters for the South American market, Knecht – filters, MAHLE Original – engine parts and filters for original package and spare parts market. 95% of our business is the supplies to the conveyors of the car manufacturers.

MAHLE Aftermarket on Automechanika Frankfurt 2014 Info-Parts: What is the mission of MAHLE Service Solutions division at Aftermarket?

MAHLE: MAHLE Service Solutions division is our first step towards the garage equipment for service stations. We started with provision of tools and equipment for air conditioning systems servicing. Also under the auspices of MAHLE Service Solutions it is planned to implement trainings and seminars for car mechanics. In the future we are going to provide full range of services for service stations to become one of the leading companies in this direction.

Info-Parts: Tell us, please, about the main events in MAHLE Aftermarket activity in the past year?

MAHLE: First of all I would like to note several events that occurred much earlier in Eastern Europe. In 2006, MAHLE Aftermarket entered the Poland and CIS markets. We started here our business with a warehouse of 5,000 square meters. This warehouse served for markets of Poland, Ukraine and Baltic countries. In 2011, we become closer to Ukrainian market of Ukraine by opening of a representative office in Kyiv. This allowed us to provide more high quality services to our Ukrainian customers.

On 01 January 2014 MAHLE Aftermarket opened its central warehouse in Obninsk (Russia) with complete representation as a professional team, full range of services for customers, technical support, simplified financial transactions, optimal logistics. All this allows MAHLE Aftermarket to operate in the market in the best traditions of the company. We are getting closer to the end customer and respond duly to the latest requirements of our customers. It contributes to the development of partnership relations and provision of the direct services.

Before that time MAHLE Aftermarket supplied its customers in Russia and Belarus from Germany. The supplies of filters, engine components, thermostats and turbochargers was implemented for cars of all brands beginning from Audi, Ford, Lada and ending with Renault, Škoda and VW, as well as for commercial vehicles of such well-known manufacturers as MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Scania and Volvo. Growing Eastern Europe markets require on-site presence, the presence that MAHLE demonstrates through its own sales representative office in Russia.

Info-Parts: The markets of what countries are served by the new Obninsk warehouse and what are its advantages?

MAHLE: MAHLE Aftermarket warehouse in Obninsk serves the markets of Russia and Belarus. In early 2015 we plan to expand the area that this warehouse serves. It is expected that the list of countries-customers would also include Kazakhstan. We hope to be able to implement customs free supplies, which will significantly simplify the business at the region.

MAHLE Service Solutions Before starting our work in Obninsk, by respecting the MAHLE Aftermarket traditions be closer to our customers and to develop partnership relations, we have specifically prepared all our documentation, all the technical manuals, in Russian. We plan to provide full support to our customers.

The opening of a new MAHLE Aftermarket warehouse allows not only to optimize the implementation of orders crucial. The presence on-site directly affects the success: sharpens market intuition, allows to see new development trends, understand customer needs, strategically to organize competitive practices and much more.

Info-Parts: What are the opportunities of MAHLE Aftermarket on the filters’ market?

MAHLE: Talking about the filters’ market I should tell about the range of MAHLE Aftermarket filters. We always have full range of products for cars and trucks of European and American origin. Based on this, we are ready to satisfy any demand in high quality filtration products and premium quality filters. This allows us to take leading position in this segment and continue to develop further in this sphere by promoting the products of both brands – MAHLE Original and Knecht.

Through range of products expanding, we focus primarily on market demand and our customers’ needs. MAHLE Aftermarket intends to provide its partners with the products of the best quality. We hope that the partnership relations will ensure mutual success.


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