Fuel-economy manual transmission oil

Fuel-economy manual transmission oil

ELF TRANSELF MS FE 75W-80 is a fuel-economy manual transmission oil with extended drain intervals for commercial vehicles.

It is recommended for commercial vehicles with ZF transmissions and transmissions requiring lubricants of MAN 341 Type Z4, MAN 341 Type E3 or Volvo 97305 approvals. Additionally, it is suitable for manual transmissions of IVECO, DAF and Renault.


  • Good gear engagement (shiftability) with a variety of synchroniser materials such as sinter, molybdenum and carbon.

  • Fuel Economy: This lubricant also has superior lubricating properties providing improved fuel economy compared to conventional transmission oil.

  •  Protection and cleanliness: It also provides excellent protection to gears and bearings, especially its compatibility with steel, copper, elastomers and plastics components within the transmission. TRANSELF MS FE 75W-80 provides effective protection against rust and corrosion to gear components and its exceptional shear stability helps retain viscosity and film strength to protect against wear even under severe operating conditions.

  • Extended oil change intervals: TRANSELF MS FE 75W-80 has increased thermal oxidative stability to help keep gears clean for longer periods and supports extended oil drain intervals.

Current technical profile

Manufacturer approvals:

  • MAN 341 type E-3/Z-4

  • VOLVO 97305

  • ZF TE-ML 01L, 02L, 16K

API Level:

  • API GL-4

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