DCU 100 an “easy route” into Bosch workshop diagnostics

DCU 100 an “easy route” into Bosch workshop diagnostics

Bosch says its latest diagnostic control unit aimed at small to mid-sized aftermarket businesses and franchised dealers, the DCU 100, offers a cost-efficient mobile solution for diagnosis, service and repair work, and is an “easy route” for garages wishing to take their first step into Bosch diagnostics.


The unit is designed to ensure fast diagnosis and a quick turnaround on jobs. Features include a 10-inch touchscreen, plus rubberised side grips and a rubberised collapsible stand to safeguard from any marks on vehicle paintwork. The DCU 100 is fitted with a lithium-ion battery capable of delivering up to 12 hours of use on one charge. Meanwhile, wireless technology frees the DCU 100 from being tied to one location; it can be passed from technician to technician as needed. The DCU 100 is also built to be highly resilient, and is thus able to cope with exposure to harsh chemicals and operating temperatures as low as -40 °C.

The slim and lightweight dimensions of the DCU 100 – it is smaller than the DCU130 – make it easy for technicians to handle, says Bosch. Slightly larger than an A4-sized piece of paper, the unit weighs just 2kg. Other features include an SD slot for a memory card, speaker, a headphone jack and 2GB of on-board memory.

Used in conjunction with the Bosch KTS vehicle diagnosis modules, such as KTS 540 and KTS 570, the tablet is equipped with a high-performance Bluetooth class 1 connection and two USB slots. It is also possible to hook up to an external monitor so that other technicians or clients can see the diagnosis.

The tablet uses Bosch’s subscription-based ESI(tronic) 2.0 software, which covers the vast majority of the vehicles in the UK’s parc and the latest systems from global manufacturers.


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