Bilstein Modular Damping System

Bilstein Modular Damping System

Bilstein’s Modular Damping System (or MDS) is designed to be a comprehensive solution for all manner of competition machines. Many applications are available, in both coilovers and struts for many popular road race and cup class vehicles.


As the name suggests, the system consists of modular components, which means it can be built in a wide array of configurations to suit any competition chassis.  The types of connections range from standard uniball-bearing to pin connections and through to all manner of fork alternatives. In the strut variant, the outer tube is available with a clamp or a bracket. Each unit can be dimensioned and configured to each team or builder’s precise request.

Using Bilstein’s proven monotube gas pressure construction, the MDS range uses aluminium body construction to reduces weight and improve cooling. Where appropriate independent 10-way rebound and compression adjustment via positive-detent thumbwheels makes replicable set-up an easy task. Other highlights to keep chassis engineers happy include extra low base friction and low hysteresis to give consistent, measurable results and feedback, lap after lap.

The 1:1 billet linear O-ring backed piston has been proven in almost every field of motorsport, whilst the Easy Clip-System allows quick change of springs, should the circuit or conditions so dictate. The MDS 860 version of the suspension has a 36 millimetre piston and provides more than 800 square millimetres of effective piston area. The MDS 1500 version of the Modular Damping System has a 46 millimetre piston diameter and more than 1,500 square millimetres of effective piston area.

In short, Bilstein MDS provides a cost-effective, replicable solution to all motorsport engineering requirements, being completely customisable to the individual client’s wishes. It is compatible with all quality race spring set-ups and can be quickly re-built and optimised by Bilstein’s UK R&D centre whenever required.


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