A 40 year history of protection and performance

A 40 year history of protection and performance

2014 marks the 40th anniversary of the commercial introduction of the Mobil 1 brand. Since 1974, Mobil 1™ synthetic motor oil has helped improve consumers’ motor oil experience. The Mobil 1™ brand has helped an entire generation of drivers.


Likewise, the Mobil 1™ brand’s relationships with vehicle manufacturers and race teams have grown and evolved into true automotive design and innovation partnerships.

Powerful engine protection

In 1974, when Mobil 1™ synthetic engine oil was officially launched, it was released to try to help enhance fuel-efficiency. Later formulations aimed to help provide protection over a wide range of temperatures and driving conditions and another iteration lowered phosphorus levels to help extend catalytic converter life.

As the Mobil 1™ motor oil line expanded, its reputation for outstanding performance grew, as well.

Today, Mobil 1™ continues to be the world’s leading synthetic motor oil brand.  There are numerous formulations of Mobil 1 on the market in countries across the globe.

4 decades, 213 teams, 531 cars, 83 championships, 1 oil, 1 million miles raced & counting


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