The Gates Corporation Introduces New System Repair Initiative

The Gates Corporation Introduces New System Repair Initiative

The Gates Corporation, a global diversified manufacturer of industrial, automotive and heavy-duty products, introduced Be System Smart, an approach to automotive maintenance that focuses on making complete system repairs. 

Be System Smart is Gates’ call to installers and consumers to evolve their mindset to think holistically about their vehicle’s systems. When components wear, they put the entire system at risk. Serpentine belts should be replaced in conjunction with tensioners, new coolant hoses should be utilized with new water pumps or radiators, and timing component kits should be utilized to ensure a complete system repair. 

In conjunction with the Be System Smart initiative, new recommended replacement intervals for the serpentine, cooling and timing systems have been developed. These replacement intervals are integral to total system performance. Recognized by the Car Care Council, Gates encourages inspection of the serpentine, timing and cooling systems at 60,000 miles and replacement of critical components by 90,000 miles. These new intervals will be known as I-60 and R-90. 

“As materials advance in durability and performance, replacement intervals have lengthened,” expressed Scott Howat, Gates’ Director of End Market Communication and Training. “Making sure that drivers understand when to perform vital preventative maintenance is key to extending the life of their vehicles.” 


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