SemiSynthetic Active Motor Oil

SemiSynthetic Active Motor Oil

VENOL SEMISYNTHETIC ACTIVE 10W-40 is ultramodern semisynthetic motor oil based on a special blend of base stocks, formulated with the unique ACTIVE POWER technology.

Designed for the most modern gasoline and diesel turbo engines as well as diesel engines with injection pumps. The advanced ACTIVE POWER technology guarantees maximum engine performance. 
Provides better lubrication in cold starts and an outstanding level of protection both in low and high temperatures, prevents sludge build-up, enables extended drain intervals and significantly reduces fuel consumption. Can be mixed with other branded motor oils.

 SAE viscosity grade                                                               0W/40
 API quality class                                                  SM/SL/CF/EC
 ACEA quality class                                                           A3/B3/B4
 Kinematic viscosity at 100ºC (mm2/s, cSt)            14,5
 Viscosity index, min.                                                           145
 Pour point, max. (ºC)                                                 - 34
 Flash point, COC, min. (ºC)                           220
 TBN, min. (mg KOH/g)                                      10

Available in 1L, 5L, 20L, 60L, 208L and 1000L containers



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