Automechanika Frankfurt 2014 Exclusive Overview: Interview with TENNECO Representative

Automechanika Frankfurt 2014 Exclusive Overview: Interview with TENNECO Representative

Exclusive interview with Anton Kulikov, TENNECO, Country Manager Russia and CIS, Director of Moscow Branch Office.


During Automechanika Frankfurt 2014 exhibition the Info-Parts representatives managed to find out about the latest developments of suspension and exhaust systems, as well as about the main differences between the markets of the CIS and Europe countries. We put several questions to Anton Kulikov, TENNECO, Country Manager Russia and CIS, Director of Moscow Branch Office.

Info-Parts: Tell us, please, about the products which TENNECO presents in 2014 at Automechanika Frankfurt exhibition

TENNECO: TENNECO is traditionally taking part in the leading event at the Aftermarket –Automechanika Frankfurt exhibition. This year at our stand you may see well-known products as well as some new products. At 2014 Automechanika Frankfurt exhibition TENNECO for the first time presents new products in both directions. Specifically, this is new range of electrical shock absorbers of Continiously Controlled Electronic Suspension (CCES), and new range of diesel particulate filters (DPF) of the exhaust control system.

Additionally, TENNECO presents the new attractive package for Mounting (MK) and Protection (PK) MONROE®Strut-Mate® kits, which are quite popular. The dense black and yellow packaging is part of our global policy to create single package for the products branded by MONROE and emphasizes the leadership role of TENNECO in supplies to the car manufacturers’ conveyors of the original suspension parts.

Info-Parts: What are the features and advantages of the new products announced?

TENNECO at Automechanika Frankfurt 2014TENNECO: MONROE®electrical shock absorbers existed for over 10 years. Continiously Controlled Electronic Suspension (CCES) is supplied to the conveyor such automakers as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Ford, Volkswagen. Today we continue to pay great attention to the improvement of possibilities in car driving and driving convenience and we present a new series of electrical shock absorbers for even more range of cars.

CCES is adjustable suspension, which constantly adjusts the damping level depending on road conditions, car dynamics, turns and driving style. The basis of the CCES suspension is the operation of advanced shock absorbers valve system. The valves are linked with electronically controller and chassis sensors, they work together and by this way they provide excellent shock absorber characteristics.

In the sphere of exhaust systems for car TENNECO presents the range of more attractive (in terms of price) diesel particulate filters. The main advantage of this range is availability to the end customer. DPF EVO S filters contain silicon carbide and EVO C were created with application of Corderite technology. At the same time all technical characteristics of these filters correspond to the requirements for original equipment.

Mounting Kits (MK) MONROE Strut-Mate are packaged individually and consist of upper fastening parts, support, bearing and other parts necessary for replacement of piles and shock absorbers with end abutment for carriage spring.

Protection Kits (PK) MONROE Strut-Mate contains reinforced dust caps to protect the piston rod of the shock absorber or pile. The kit also includes bumpers, which prevent damage to the shock absorber or pile in case of extreme loads on suspension. These kits are supplied in pairs in convenient package for the front or rear axles of the car.

Info-Parts: Share, please, your expert opinion: what are the features of aftermarketCIScountries? What are the differences of this market in comparison to the European one?

TENNECO: I believe the main difference between the European aftermarket and CIS countries aftermarket is presence of long and complicated supply chain. The products supplies from manufacturer to the end consumer are more complex at the aftermarket of CIS countries.

Here the specific feature may be selected – the presence of large commercial companies, engaged in wholesale supplies of spare parts of all ranges and these companies have no loyalty to particular brand.

TENNECO at Automechanika Frankfurt 2014 

Info-Parts: Tell us, please, about the situation with the exhaust systems at the CIS market?

TENNECO: Unfortunately, now our supplies are rather modest. The point is that the situation at the exhaust systems market to a greater extent depends on the governmental regulation in the spheres of emissions and environmental protection. In case the government fails to pay enough attention to this issue, the ordinary car owners have not enough incentive to serve expensive exhaust system.

Until the moment the government will impose strict control standards on harmful emissions of exhaust gases, we do not expect dramatic changes at exhaust systems market. But we hope that the latest range of affordable particulate filters WALKER® will help to improve the situation.

Info-Parts: What kind of information support is provided by TENNECO to the Aftermarket specialists?

TENNECO at Automechanika Frankfurt 2014TENNECO: In addition to traditional seminars and trainings, which are implemented by TENNECO for many years and which are very popular, I would like to note a couple of welcome new products for Aftermarket specialists. First, in 2014 we deeply redesigned our catalogs and added images of all the products. The presented electronic selection instruments have unique function of comprehensive examination (360̊) of MONROE and WALKER products, allowing you to completely and thoroughly see the item before purchase.

Secondly, this year TENNECO introduced to the market the free electronic technical information system TADIS. It is designed for specialists who want to have access to the most advanced technical support mean. In TADIS you can find:

  • technical information about the latest car models;
  • advanced interactive e-learning modules;
  • technical videos;
  • tips on the troubleshooting and installation;
  • manuals on how to use the troubleshooting tools.

The system also includes more than 16,000 references to technical videos, 3D-animations, graphics, slides, articles on troubleshooting and other materials.

In the near future TENNECO plans to launch free-of-charge Technical Hotline for support of customers in the real time regime. The initial launch will be on the European market, but I hope that the line will also run in the CIS countries.

Info-Parts: What opportunity TENNECO sees in the near future at the CIS market?

TENNECO: Talking about our opportunities, it should be noted that for sure TENNECO plans to continue actively develop and promote products at the markets of the CIS countries.We believe that one of the priority tasks in this region is the increase of TENNECO awareness as a manufacturer and supplier of products not only to the aftermarket, but first of all to the car manufacturers’ conveyors. Unfortunately, until now not all the users and customers of MONROE and WALKER products know that TENNECO is the largest supplier of suspension and exhaust systems for the majority of the world famous car manufacturers.


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