Bosch introduces fine wire double platinum spark plug

Bosch introduces fine wire double platinum spark plug

Robert Bosch LLC has introduced an original equipment design fine wire double platinum spark plug which complements the company's OE fine wire Iridium spark plug launched in 2011.


As with other Bosch OE fine wire spark plugs, Bosch Double Platinum is based on the latest materials and manufacturing technology, and delivers extended performance life and durability.

“The Bosch OE Fine Wire Double Platinum Spark Plug delivers improved ignitability, power, acceleration and throttle response by employing fine wire laser-welded center electrode technology, and is designed to last three times longer than a standard spark plug,” says Tim Stumpff, senior product manager spark plugs, Bosch Automotive Aftermarket NA.

According to Bosch, the OE Fine Wire Double Platinum Spark Plug offers design features that make it the perfect upgrade from copper or single platinum spark plugs.

“Just as with our OE Fine Wire Platinum line, Bosch has gone to great lengths to ensure that new Double Platinum Spark Plugs meet or exceed manufacturers’ fit, form and function design requirements for conventional naturally-aspirated gasoline engines,” Stumpff says. “Materials like advanced ceramics and platinum alloys laser-welded into the center and ground electrode tips help the Bosch Double Platinum Spark Plug deliver extended performance, life and durability.

“Bosch uses high-strength ceramics to protect against cracking and dielectric punch through – when the spark fires through the side of the insulator instead of at the center electrode – and Bosch OE Fine Wire Double Platinum Spark Plugs maintain correct spark position across the entire line, better than competitors’ full line double platinum programs. This ensures a reliable spark, improved throttle response and acceleration, and protection against full or partial misfires,” Stumpff adds.


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