Optimum Damping Through Hydraulic Resistance

Optimum Damping Through Hydraulic Resistance

Hydraulic resistance increases the vibration damping effect of suspension components. ContiTech Vibration Control knows how to use this effect.

The suspension specialist's comprehensive product line includes bushings and mounts that have an integrated fluid system. Compared to conventional mounts, they calm vibrations even more reliably, because the hydraulic medium creates an additional damping effect.

Hydro bushings can be used as engine and cab mounts in industrial vehicles, for example. Their special construction makes for optimal vibration damping and excellent driving comfort: The hydraulic medium moves within the rubber element with complete freedom. If the hydro bushing is stressed, the hydraulic medium flows through the narrow channels inside the bushing. The resulting flow resistance creates a counterforce to the externally generated shift. Thanks to this hydraulic damping, vibrations are mitigated and the comfort enhanced for the driver.

Hydromounts with integrated absorbersThe ContiTech hydro bushing handles loads of 1,230 N to 3,000 N and has impressive durability. Another advantage of the bushing: In contrast to classic mounts, it can be rotated along its center axis. This simplifies maintenance work on vehicles on which the driver cab is tilted to provide access to the engine, for instance.

Hydromounts with integrated absorbers: for individual, targeted use
Hydromounts with integrated absorbers also have an integrated fluid system. Like all mounts, they are a custom product. They reduce vibration in a targeted manner and improve comfort and user-friendliness in industrial vehicles. Your special advantage: Suspension spring characteristics, damping behavior and absorbing effects can be separately optimized for these elements. Thanks to their simple structure, modular system and an integrated breakaway device, they can be employed universally.



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