Automechanika Frankfurt 2014 Exclusive Overview: Interview with Philips Automotive Lighting Representatives

Automechanika Frankfurt 2014 Exclusive Overview: Interview with Philips Automotive Lighting Representatives

This year, Automechanika 2014 exhibition in Frankfurt coincides with anniversary event in the Philips history: the 100th anniversary of the establishment of its automotive lighting division.


Innovation potential and solutions for the future are the key features of Philips. The Info-Parts representatives asked Philips Automotive delegates on what are the exact distinguishing characteristics of the company and what to expect from Philips in the future.

Info-Parts: Matthias, can you please, tell us about the key points in such a long history of Philips Automotive.

Philips Automotive Lighting at Automechanika Frankfurt 2014Matthias Hagedorn, Senior Manager Global Marketing Communication: Actually, the year of 2014 is very important for Philips Automotive lighting division. We celebrate 100 years of our company’s cooperation with automotive world. For a century we managed to become the founders of the industry traditions and standards.

It all started in 1914 when Henry Ford once visited his friend Anton Phillips. Anton asked: “How can we illuminate you first car model Ford T?” The result was the invention of a pair of the head lights for FORD company.

Philips Automotive Lighting at Automechanika Frankfurt 2014 Philips Automotive Lighting at Automechanika Frankfurt 2014

In 1960 Philips introduced to the market a very important innovative solution – halogen lamps. The first lamp launched was H1 then followed the revolutionary dual-filament lamp H4, and then was presented the high power halogen lamp H7 – these are the basic standards in car lighting introduced by Philips and they are used up to the present day.

In 1991 we invented the revolutionary xenon lighting technology. Xenon light is by 200% brighter than halogen one. This achievement is very important from safety point of view.

Philips Automotive Lighting at Automechanika Frankfurt 2014 Philips Automotive Lighting at Automechanika Frankfurt 2014

As part of the constant improvement process, in 1998 Philips presented to the market the upgraded lamps with improved characteristics, which brought additional benefits for car drivers. It became possible to combine safety and style.

Finally, in 2009 Philips launched the world’s first LED products for Aftermarket. LED technology has fundamentally changed our understanding of car lighting.

Info-Parts: Mr.Henin, please, tell what are the plans of Philips Automotive for future development?

Philips Automotive Lighting at Automechanika Frankfurt 2014Thomas Henin, Marketing Director EMEA: Our greatest strength is innovation. Philips does not stand still: even with manufacturing of high-tech production which has no market analogues, we will immediately start working on the development of more technologically advanced lamps.

As you already know, over the past century we introduced to the market many serious products. Now Philips is ready for the next century. We intend to provide completely new solutions not only in the lighting segment, but also in the service concepts.

We are always happy to present innovations, to make people’s lives better. Philips focuses on quality which is absolutely natural for such company. Philips Automotive is the supplier of original equipment and spare parts for aftermarket.

We have big plans for the coming century. But we shall do everything at the proper time. You will be able to see the advanced solutions from Philips, which will be even more grandiose than their predecessors.

Info-Parts: Denis, please, tell us which innovations Philips Automotive introduces in the Automechanika? What are the main features of the new products?

Philips Automotive Lighting at Automechanika Frankfurt 2014Denis Salov, Automotive Aftermarket Manager in Ukraine, Moldova, Central Asia and Caucasus: Philips Automotive has traditionally presents at Automechanikaexhibition in Frankfurt its innovations. This year, the Philips Automotive anniversary is especially coincided with the release of a number of new products, including the lamps of White Vision series, the color temperature of which is fully consistent with xenon lamp and is 4300K. Also we are pleased to present a new version of X-treme Vision lamps, which gives 130% more light than the standard lamps and currently are the most advanced in the market.

While LED and xenon lamps are undoubtedly a major step in the automotive lighting development, the majority cars on the road are still using halogen lamps. Due to continuous development Philips Automotive is able to provide car manufacturers and consumers with halogen lamps which are as close as possible to the xenon lamps’ level of safety and style.

Let’s briefly examine the Philips halogen lamps range. The base product in this category is Vision lamps, which gives 30% more light than the standard lamps. VisionPlus lamps produce correspondingly 60% more light, which significantly improves visibility and increases safety. The range leader is the new lamp Philips X-Treme Vision: as it was stated this lamp is brighter than the standard one by 130%.

In the Philips Automotive range there is a lamp for drivers for whom the lifetime is important factor. This is the LongLife EcoVision lamp, the lifetime of which is 4 times longer (about 100,000 kilometers mileage) compared to standard lamps.

We also present the WhiteVision lamp, providing magnificent appearance of the head lights without harm to safety. This halogen lamp replaces the BlueVision Ultra lamp and emits 60% more light. The brightness of white light has been increased by 40% (4300K), which allows to see the traffic situation much better.

To make the car exclusive Philips offers the ColorVision lamps range. With these lamps the head lights of any car will get blue, green, yellow or pink shades, and the color of light flux does not change at all. In addition, this range of lamps gives +60% more light.

Info-Parts: Nicholas, please, tell us what are the Philips Automotive new products for mechanics and service stations you presenting in the Automechanika?

Philips Automotive Lighting at Automechanika Frankfurt 2014Nicholas Berne, Product Manager: Philips Automotive expanded its range and upgraded new generation of professional LED lamps for workshops. As a result, Philips Automotive has large range of inspection lamps, which cover all needs of service stations in terms of lighting.

Besides improvement of the already existing excellent brightness, Philips also focused on improving on usability. Now work with both hands is no longer a problem. The range of products for service stations has three key points: light output, resistance to damage and design (dimensions).

The main new products in the workshop lamps category from Philips Automotive are:

Penlight Premium Gold is a product which is dedicated to the Philips Automotive 100 years anniversary. This model is designed in an elegant body and will be released in a limited edition. The model is characterized by compact dimensions, providing optimum illumination even in inaccessible areas due to the light output of 120 lumens and a light distribution angle of 80 degrees.

MDLS (Multidirectional Lighting System). The system consists of three independent LED modules that may be used independently  equipped with practical rotary heads with rotation angle of 300° and lenses with lean angle possibility of 120°. Each module is strengthen by strong protection cover and provides two lighting modes due to high power LUXEON Rebel LEDs: all together three modules provide light output of 360 lumens (up to 750 lumens in high power mode). MDLS is supplied in special case for storage, transportation and charging of the modules.

Philips Automotive Lighting at Automechanika Frankfurt 2014 

RCH 10 Lamps provide shadowless lighting due to beam of 150 lumens. Thanks to rotating by 360 degrees hanging hook and compact sizes of the lamp it can become a real helpmate for mechanics.

Inspection Lamp CBL 40, the multifunctional LED lamp, is one of the major innovative and unique solution in the workshops lighting in the market. It combines convenience of cable lamps with practicality of rechargeable light source which gives 330 lumens light output.

CBL 50, LED lamp for engine compartment lighting. Even in ultra-plain body it provides 900 lumens light output. Due to adjustable telescopic bracing the lamp holder can be extended from 1.2 meters up to 1.7 meters. It is simply impossible to achieve brighter lighting of the engine compartment.


Video interview Philips Automotive Lighting on Automechanika Frankfurt 2014



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