Automechanika Frankfurt 2014 Exclusive Review – Magneti Marelli interview

Automechanika Frankfurt 2014 Exclusive Review – Magneti Marelli interview

Exclusive interview with Marek Buras, the CEO of Magneti Marelli Aftermarket Sp. z o.o.


It is unlikely that someone from Automechanika Frankfurt 2014 visitors could ignore the Magneti Marelli exposition with real Formula 1 race cars. Imposing red racing car created by Ferrari also drew the attention of Info-Parts journalists and we put few questions to Marek Buras, the CEO of Magneti Marelli Aftermarket.

Info-Parts: Tell us, please, how Magneti Marelli Aftermarket marketed itself in 2014 at Automechanika Frankfurt exhibition? What are the technological innovations and their advantages?

Magneti Marelli: This year Magneti Marelli Aftermarket presented at Automechanika exhibition a number of products. First of all, this is lighting and shock absorbers. At the stand you can see the new technologies in the LED lighting – rear lamp for VW Golf VII, Mercedes CLS, and headlamp for Audi R8. Here you can also find batteries, brake discs, filters, wiper blades, thermostats, spark plugs and so on.

Magneti Marelli at Automechanika Frankfurt 2014The diagnostic and garage equipment is presented separately: testers Flex and Vision, TPMS Connect EVO for testing and coding of wireless tire pressure sensors systems, Clima Tech TOP HFO – fully automated installation for diagnostics and filling of air-conditioning system. Particular attention should be given to the Master Alt device, which checks the generators installed in cars or on the test stand. This tester allows to check whether the voltage regulator may correctly implement data exchange with ECU in the car and whether it responds to the given parameters.

Info-Parts: What were the key events in the company’s activity during the year?

Magneti Marelli: Last year and the 2014 first half were full of and rich of various events that took place both in Magneti Marelli S.p.A, and in the division Magneti Marelli Aftermarket.

In October 2013 the opening of new plant for the lighting equipment production took place in Malaysia. This plant produces head and rear lamps and is the supplier for Honda, Mazda, Suzuki. The annual production capacity is about 2.2 million units.

We have signed an agreement with China South Industries Group Corporation to establish joint venture, which will offer full range of lighting products for cars manufactured in China. The contract with CSI will further strengthen the Magneti Marelli positions in China.

In Turkey, the agreement was concluded between Magneti Marelli and Opar, which made it possible to offer the Turkish customers with high-quality products branded by Magneti Marelli.

The cooperation between Magneti Marelli Aftermarket and Iveco is continuously strengthening, which is not surprising, since these two companies are part of the same group – Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA). In addition to the original parts, Iveco received access to Magneti Marelli spare parts, which are combined into two lines: Value Line (spare parts for old vehicles) and All Makes (spare parts for new cars). Both series cover practically whole range of products from Magneti Marelli range.

In 2014 Samvardhana Motherson International Ltd (SMIL) and Magneti Marelli SpA have signed an agreement to establish a joint venture for shock absorbers production. Both companies already had experience of successful cooperation. In 2008 in India SMIL and Magneti Marelli formed a joint venture for manufacturing of lighting equipment, intake manifolds and pedal mechanisms.

Magneti Marelli at Automechanika Frankfurt 2014 

Also, the agreement was signed between DTR, the Korean corporation, and Magneti Marelli S.p.A. on joint venture establishment on the basis of CF Gomma plant (this unit produces air bags and rubber and metal suspension elements). The joint venture creation gives CF Gomma a good opportunity to restart and future development of the business. Magneti Marelli and DTR intend to develop its business in Europe and South America actively. The joint venture will supply its products to the world’s car manufacturers.

The division Magneti Marelli Aftermarket is constantly working to expand its product range and presence in the Southern and Eastern Europe markets. Our range was expanded by new ignition ёand garage equipment.

Info-Parts: The MAGNETI MARELLI brand identity at the market has always been optics. What trends do you see in the lighting market?

Magneti Marelli: The today’s world is undergoing radical changes affecting many areas, especially business and production. The technology are passing through fast evolution, constantly innovations are introduced.

Magneti Marelli at Automechanika Frankfurt 2014We are witnessing growing interest and demand for LED technology, which were considered as a luxury just few years ago, but now this is base product category. We are very pleased that the Automotive Lighting (division, which is 100% owned by Magneti Marelli and well-known lighting manufacturer) is going through its best time. Automotive Lighting is the leading supplier of lighting products for all major OEMs in Europe. Magneti Marelli successfully continues to develop the Asia and North America markets, the number of manufacturing sites and research and test centers are constantly growing. The company’s attention is also focused on implementation and development of the world-class production, which will reduce production costs and propose high quality product at reasonable prices.

Info-Parts: What are the features of E-Light technology?

Magneti Marelli:Magneti Marelli has always paid particular attention to the environmental protection. This also affected the lighting technologies. In March 2014 E-Light lighting module, developed by division Automotive Lighting, has been recognized by the European Commission as “innovative technology to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere”.

Magneti Marelli E-LightE-Light allows to reduce the energy consumption necessary for lighting, thereby reducing the absolute energy consumption in a car. E-Light module leads to reduction of CO2 emissions by 1 gram per 100 kilometers.

The Automotive Lighting development team created the concept of optical system, implying more effective light use, reducing the costs for LED and no need for active cooling. This technology is already being used in LED head lights at new models of Mercedes S-Class, Mercedes C-Class, Peugeot 308, BMW Active Tourer 2 and Audi TT.


The interview to be continued in the next issue.


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