A broader range of products for the air spring replacement market

A broader range of products for the air spring replacement market

ContiTech has increased its air spring references in the replacement market to over 2,000 worldwide.


An even broader range of products for the air spring replacement market is part of the strategy being pursued by ContiTech Air Spring Systems. The company has increased its references for the replacement business from 1,600 to 2,000 worldwide, thereby covering almost all air spring references in the replacement market. Three standalone brands form the basis to tailor the product range perfectly to the diverse needs of customers in the replacement market.

Air springs from the ContiTech premium brand demonstrate the company's expertise as an original equipment manufacturer. Since these are original air springs developed as original equipment, the ContiTech brand is guaranteed to meet the highest quality requirements that fulfill the specifications of vehicle manufacturers in the replacement business too.

Air springs from the PHOENIX quality brand are perfectly tailored to the open replacement market. The PHOENIX brand is characterized by its high degree of flexibility when it comes to expanding the product range along with additional product offerings such as screw kits and special air connections specially customized to each type of air spring.

Customers benefit from additional services including product training and marketing support for both the ContiTech premium brand and the PHOENIX quality brand.. Upon request, ContiTech also offers an express delivery service for these products.

The product portfolio is rounded off by the PRIME-RIDE® brand. This is a highly affordable range aimed especially at people with older vehicles and so is a logical addition to the premium and quality brands. ContiTech will be further developing the existing product range for this brand, too, in 2015.


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