The TOTAL QUARTZ INEO range is composed of synthetic technology lubricants whose formulations have been optimized in order to reduce their SAPS content ( Low SAPS : low content of sulphated ash, phosphorus and sulfur - SAPS).


The resulting performances are the best for Diesel vehicles at present. Even the most demanding car manufacturers recommend using TOTAL QUARTZ INEO engine lubricants, whatever the type of driving and use may be.

As well as ensuring protection, cleanliness and optimum performance, this range also allows users to reduce their environmental impact. The depollution systems fitted on the latest types of engines operate at full speed and can effectively reduce the emission of pollutants.

The post-treatment systems, sensitive to the lubricant used and expensive to maintain, are protected over the long-term thanks to specific Low SAPS formulations.


  • a new generation of lubricants for all Gasoline and Diesel engines

  • optimum functioning of after-treatment systems

  • a reduction in maintenance costs on users’ cars

  • suited to all types of use, even the most intensive

Manufacturer approvals:

  • PSA

  • Mercedes-Benz

  • Porsche

  • Fiat

  • Toyota

  • Volkswagen,

  • Hyundai-Kia

  • BMW

TOTAL Lubricants launches a new engine oil: TOTAL QUARTZ INEO FIRST 0W30. It’s a very modern engine oil, based the highest levels of actual Synthetic Technology.

Several reasons justify this technical advance achieved by TOTAL QUARTZ INEO FIRST 0W30:

  • The best engine protection measured on official PSA engine tests against wear and soot build up

  • The reduction of Fuel consumption represents more than 1.000km driven for each oil drain

  • The reduction of pollutant emission by protecting anti-pollution devices

  • The reduction of CO2 emission of 6g / km (when the best tires manufacturers claim 4!)

  • Very-long lasting performance and reliability for all engine parts.

  • TOTAL QUARTZ INEO FIRST - the best performance across all categories


The Fuel Economy technology

Reducing fuel consumption without changing driving habits is now possible thanks to TOTAL QUARTZ FUEL ECONOMY engine lubricants.



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